Welcome to Bassion Health Center.

“Where we Adjust Your Life to be Pain Free”

If you are seeking a drug and surgery-free alternative to alleviate your back, neck, or extremity pain then you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Kenneth Bassion Jr., a highly trained Professionally Licensed Chiropractor, has been offering safe, natural and effective Chiropractic care to the people of North Wales and surrounding areas for nearly 30 years. Bassion Health Center has years of experience drawing on traditional Chiropractic techniques as well as modern corrective methods to help resolve discomfort and lead a pain free life. As many of our loyal Patients can already attest to, when you come to Bassion Health Center we provide care beyond acute pain relief and offer other services to help you maintain health. Our approach to care aims to improve your posture, mobility and overall wellbeing and quality of life.

What are the benefits of going to a Chiropractor?

There are many benefits to Chiropractic care. It is a method of healthcare that helps ease pain and restore movement and mobility. Hands-on techniques are used, not drugs or surgery. The main goal is to keep the body’s nerves, bones, and muscles working well together. Care is focused on the Spine and the joints. Chiropractic is used to treat a wide range of problems including back or neck pain, nerve irritation, headaches, joint disease, stress, injuries, trauma and more….

Our Services

Our services include treatment for:

  • Automobile Injury Chiropractic / Workman’s Compensation
  • Sports Injuries
  • General Chiropractic
  • Orthotics
  • Spinal Decompression Therapy
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Massage
  • Reflexology

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